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DentalVision Enterprise System Requirements

It is important that you pay careful attention to our hardware specifications (PDF). Installing Henry Schein Practice Solutions under standards below those we have designed the program for, will result in either poor performance or instability of your computers and network. Hardware should be purchased from a quality minded, local vendor. We will work with anyone you select. A word of caution: Computer hardware is a buyers market today. We caution you, however, to consider that all hardware is not of the same quality. Many of the commercially available computers are not of sufficient quality or reliability to run your office. Often these companies can offer you systems with great specifications for unbelievable prices; the problem is -- like with everything else -- you get what you pay for. Many of these systems are able to be sold inexpensively to unsuspecting buyers who believe that all computers with equal specifications are equal in quality. Remember that the goal is not necessarily to save a couple of hundred dollars but for the systems you buy to service your office rapidly and reliably; down time will quickly eliminate the price points you achieved in buying cheap hardware.

Our customer support group is focused on your success, and provides assistance for all of the Henry Schein Practice Solutions products.

If you have an urgent support need, please call our support line and leave a message. We do our best to respond to urgent requests.

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