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How do I delete a patient?

Answer: Go to the patients record, at the patient control panel click the change button in the Action column, select delete patient. Answer the question either yes or no. If you cannot delete the patient it is either a guarntor of a patient or has a balance.

How do you link an insurance form link to a particular insurance profile?

Answer: Click on the profile button or go to file then profile. Select the profile go to the claims (basic) tab in the box for provider form link double click there. Select the form link you have set up and paste it on to that profile.

How do you make a recurring block?

Answer: Go to the appointment book, then tools, then Blocks. Click on add give the block a unique name, select either in or out, put a date range, then the start time and number of units, the frequency, then in the select columns click add highlight all the chairs you want in that block then click on the paste jar, then click OK.

What do you do if the quick statement is printing blank?

Answer: The statement will be blank when the patient has a zero dollar balance.

How can you tell if a claim was submitted?

Answer: Go to the PIC then click on the ledger tab, double click on the procedure click on claim stat, or look at claim details on the bottom of related transaction window.

How do you add a provider id and tax ID information?

Answer: After you add the provider, click the license/claims tab, this is where you would add the id and tax numbers.

How do you do a pre-determination/pre-authorization form or a treatment plan?

Answer: Go to the PIC, click on the clinical tab then hit the insert key this will bring up the add to treatment plan window, add procedure, click on the green check mark then click the check mark on the finish treatment plan window.

How do you get a list of all patients in the database?

Answer: Go to report, notepad, this will bring up the notepad query, select patient, then personal, then name, then double click on last, this will populate in the column name, in the operator field select any value then hit run.

How do you get a medical claim form to print?

Answer: You need to make sure that you have a medical form link set up then attach it to the medical profile. when you post charges out to that particular insurance profile they will now appear on a CMS-1500 form.

How do you put a patient into collections?

Answer: Go to the PIC click on the financial tab then click in cycle box and hit the number 4.